Two Piece Jumpsuit

Two Piece Jumpsuit

Size - Pants
Size - Top


  • Two pieces combined to create one flawless look
  • Easily removable pants (no more stripping in the restroom)
  • Multiwear top: V-neck, high neck, wrapped
  • Flattering and slimming wrap design
  • 15% discount when buying the jumpsuit set instead of the individual pieces


  • Model wearing Black is 5′6″ / 136 lbs and wearing pants M and top S
  • Model wearing Camel is 5′4″ / 123 lbs and wears pants S and top XS
  • See Size Chart above for measurements and pictures of the product on different body types. Questions about fit? Email us at


  • 100% Sustainable Tencel Discover the fabric.
  • Worry-free: shrink resistant, breathable, and washable
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
  • Ethically made in Florence, Italy


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Reclaim is a slow fashion company. We think long and hard about the essential wardrobe staples women need and design the best possible version of them. We create high-quality, elevated garments with extreme attention to details, the utmost respect for the planet, and honest prices.


A jumpsuit is an instant outfit-making piece. This symbol of female empowerment has been billed as the clothing of the future. While undeniably chic, jumpsuits are usually plagued by a major design flaw: having to completely undress each time you use the restroom.

This changes today. Time to Reclaim.


Created to simplify your life, the Two Piece Jumpsuit is easy, fast and elegant.


For all the advancements humans have made over the years, there had to be a jumpsuit option available that solved the restroom issue. Right? Wrong. This is why we made it.


One piece does not mean you need to wear it only one way. We left some room to your imagination so you can style the jumpsuit according to your mood: V-neck or crew neck, black or camel.


Our fabric is naturally wrinkle resistant. Simply smooth out wrinkles with your hands, or hang up for a quick and easy fix.



I am Zana, the founder of Reclaim. For the Two Piece Jumpsuit, I want to talk about ambition.

A few years ago, I stumbled upon an experiment they ran at Harvard about gender bias. Two groups were given the *exact same* business case with just one tiny difference - the name of the protagonist. The first group thought the case was about a business man while the second group thought it was a woman. Turns out the students who read the case about the man found him a charming and effective leader, but the students who thought the protagonist was female saw her as an off-putting go-getter.

Reading this made me angry, but most of all it made me worried. I am ambitious...Does that mean that people perceive me as selfish and unlikeable? Why is ambition a dirty word for women? It’s not the success that is so off-putting but the desire for something more that seems to inspire feelings of disdain. The implication is that women don’t deserve to want more.

Well, I have news for you— we do. Starting with our wardrobe. The Two Piece jumpsuit is a symbol of ambition: one decision in the morning so you can save energy for all the other decisions you need to make. I was adamant that the outfit-making piece of the Reclaim collection had to be a jumpsuit and not a dress because - let's be honest - dresses come with patriarchal baggage. The Two Piece Jumpsuit is a way to step away from that narrative and reclaim our ambition.